March 28, 2012

Poppy's First Day at the Beach

Never in my life would I have ever predicted that would actually be writing about what my puppy is doing. So that is why I will mostly be sharing pictures of what my puppy is doing. She is so cute and she won't be a puppy forever and she is just so cute! Did I actually write that sentence?

Poppy has been driving us CRAZY. The vet said that next Monday we can start taking her out to the parks but until then we could take her to some of the cleaner beaches north or south of the city.

It has been raining and raining. I decided, after she drove me out of my mind, that rain or shine we were going to the beach the next. Fortunately for us, it was a beautiful day and unexpectedly warm at the ocean. We headed south of the city to Montara Beach. It was great. She was reluctant about the water (the surf is rough and the water cold) and I had to pick her really fast up one time when an unexpectedly large wave came crashing in, soaking most of my legs. Now, she has been curled up in her bed most of the evening!
I like this running around.
Get this sand off of me!
Do we really need this 30 foot leash?
I'm tired. I just want lay out and listen to the ocean.
I found a beach toy! Are you going to take it from me?
Chewing while being photographed.
You can't take away this toy!
We did lots and lots and lots of running today!
Right when we were about to leave I remembered I love to dig!

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  1. Amazing Pictures! I wish I could've joined the fun ;(

    Thanks for sharing baby!