March 28, 2013

March 27, 2013


I am dragging all day, dreaming of taking a nap, instead, I lots of tea. It is balmy out. I have the mysterious ache that has plagued me since childhood, today it is in my right low back, hip, knee and ankle. I haven't felt it in a long, long time, maybe a year or two. It doesn't stay too long. Concentration and I are not One and the day trickles on and I with it, but not in command. In the late afternoon, my mystery ache reappears, but not the same strength as earlier and I limp a bit as I take Poppy on her evening walk through the Panhandle. At some point it disappears and I don't even notice. The fog is rolling in like the gods breathing warm breath on a cold day. The magnolia trees are blooming and the nearby air is heavy with their sweet scent. I make a point of smelling all the low hanging blooms whenever we walk by. The white ones are more fragrant. I photograph the pink magnolias as the homeless campers watch me. I hear them commenting on my actions, but then most of them get up, walk in my direction and keep going past me, and where they go I do not notice. Today I add in the cherry trees (maybe not cherry, but some other flowering tree) as well, who are small yet striking, how could I leave them out?

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