April 04, 2013

April 2, 2013


I awake early for the hurried cleaning of the house, shower and then rush to the airport for the early flight containing my mom and family friend, Beth. Of course, Beth is more than a family friend, but I don't know how to relate the relationship to others, she is like a godmother, although not mine, but my brother and sister twins. My poor mother is recovering from a very nasty stomach virus from Sunday night and wrist surgery on Monday, just the day before. She is a trooper and puts highly productive, hard-working, un-complaining people to shame. She doesn't really get sick. After retrieving them from the airport, unpacking a bit at the house, we head off to the Presidio, my favorite new spot in the city. My Mom and Beth walk and stop quite a bit to admire the plants along the way - wild nasturtiums, miner's lettuce and many others I don't know. They are both avid gardeners so they are out of their element, in their element, or, loving every moment of nature so different from the East Coast. It is a reminder to appreciate and to see things differently. We walk quite a bit, further than I have ventured, and return to the house. We slup delicious Pho at My Father's Kitchen and exhausted, they turn to sleep before it is even dark outside.

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