April 22, 2013

April 7, 2013


Our little trio goes back to, guess where? The Presidio. But, determined to add some variety on this trip, Poppy and I take a different route for our walk while Paul hits golf balls. We walk along the now defunct road on the edge of the Presidio, wandering our way around diverging paths. I stop for many photographs most of which I deleted, except this image of wild strawberry blossoms. It makes me happy to know that strawberries are growing wild in such abundance. Poppy and I walked all the way to Baker Beach, a beach in San Francisco that I have never been to. Of course, the nice weather comes as soon as my Mom leaves. It continues to get nicer as the week goes on. I don't take photographs, I bury myself in my "work" which will end with something that I can show. But I lose myself in it and I wonder about that...

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