May 17, 2013

April 22, 2013


Back to the beginning, of the week, this is. It is still warm and we are at the park where Poppy and I both spot two fluffy white dogs. They want to be pet. I hear two young women speaking a language I can't place. It sounds a little like Japanese, but not quite and it does not sound like Chinese, so I figure it must be Korean. I ask them where they are from and I wonder if that is rude so after they say "Korea" I try to be friendly. They are nice and shy or at least, that is how they present themselves as I observe that they judge their little white dogs as obnoxious, while I think they are just flirtatious. I wonder why the one girl wears pantyhose with her shorts, maybe that is fashionable somewhere I have never been. The two girls don't stay long and as I hear them leave the park I hear them scolding their dogs.

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