October 20, 2011

Laid Off

Today, October 18th, is the two month anniversary of my last day of work. My boss called me today and told me that I was no longer on an Extended Leave of Absence from work, I had been laid off. As I have told others, I'm not too upset about being laid off. Actually, I am glad to cut the final tie to my job. Now I have nothing hanging over my head and the whole world of opportunity is in front of me.

Here are some images from a day in the fog and lunch with a friend in the Inner Sunset.
Foggy Inner Sunset, looking up at UCSF.

Very Purple, along Lincoln.

An empty chair on 7th.

Tea is served at Rose Tea: http://www.roseteasf.com/

Lunch at Rose Tea

A dog as tall as the bicycle.
Some street notes:
  1. I added another stranger to my 100 Strangers Project. 
    Stranger #16/100: Lauren
    To learn more about Lauren: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kathleenyago/6262955590/in/photostream
  2. An accidental eavesdrop: "Lose weight? How am I supposed to lose weight when you keep giving me bananas?"
  3. An unfortunate event:
    First man: "You better show some respect you f---ing white boy!"
    Second man: "Then you should have some respect for not parking in front of my driveway!"

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