March 27, 2013

March 25, 2013


I jog with Poppy in the Presidio, for the first time, while Paul hits golf balls at the driving range. I discover the most wonderful grove of trees where it is cold, but beautiful and quiet. I notice an abundance of Miner's Lettuce on the forest floor and I wish I could harvest some for a salad. I pass through the parking lot of the golf course three times, once at the end of my jog, once to walk back to the grove of trees with my camera and once to go back to the car and I pass the same old man sitting in a golf cart with a leather fedora, thick wool coat and large sunglasses. He looks like he could be in the mob. I say hello and smile the first time. The third time I pass him he says, "I'm still here. Waiting. The least you could do is have dinner with me." There is something creepy about how he says it. How do you respond being polite but also acknowledging the creepy factor? I fake laugh and keep walking. Later, I take Poppy to the vet for her shots and as we are walking back a landscaping crew is cutting back the bushes and plants in the center divider along Divisadero St. One of the crew, a black man in an orange vest, calls out to me and I look up at him, he says, "I can walk your dog for you next time." Come on snappy comeback, come on, but nothing comes and all I say is, "I like getting the exercise." Oh well, at least it is honest. I walk Poppy to the dog play area at the park and as we approach the top of the hill I see large birds flying around. There are two ravens chasing two small hawks out of the area. I stand there for several minutes watching this, it is unbelievable, I thought the hawks would win every time. I was wrong.

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