October 21, 2011

Foods, Walks and Wandering Hayes Valley

Every morning I prepare breakfast.

Here are some other things in the kitchen right now.
Chocolate Caramel Salt tart from Rose Tea

 I take a walk up the hill three blocks to Alamo Square.

 Leroy is visiting so he comes to the park.

 Later, I walk to Hayes Valley, looking for small things.

 Leaves, a variety.

Then I stop for some lunch.
At Samovar Tea

 I continue my walk into Hayes Valley.

Here, you can buy freshly made ice cream made possible by utilizing liquid nitrogen. You can also buy meat from a butcher truck.
At Smitten Ice Cream
At Avedano's

On my way home, a few things caught my eye.

 A few more things:
  1. Quote from the street. Two young, well dressed men are walking.
    "I had a professor that said, 'Think about using Heidegger when working with people with dementia'"
  2. Strangers. I photographed many strangers today. First I met Misty and Yoshi at Samovar Tea. Later, I saw Tamika make ice cream at Smitten Ice Cream and I talked to Melanie at the Avedano's butcher truck. When I was walking home, admiring some random things, Mark came up to me and started talking to me!

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