October 25, 2011

A Warm Sunday

Warm weather is rare in San Francisco, although Scott does not believe this since he always seems to bring with him beautiful weather. In the morning we took Leroy to the park.

A couple of days ago I was shocked to see an enormous hawk fly out of a tree. Today there were some more typical city birds having a conversation in the trees.

There were three drummers sitting under a very tall tree. See and hear them play.

I wandered down to the Farmer's Market.

There I talked with Harry, Stranger #24, who was playing the Steel Drum. Hear a clip of him playing at the Farmer's Market. Or visit his website: http://www.shabang.us/.

I made a batch of meatballs and got ready to grill with Paul and Scott. We spent the evening on the porch, eating steak and grilled corn and drinking some beer in the wonderful, warm weather. It was a good Sunday.


  1. You are killing me. I am still on #3. I have film in the camera that holds his picture. In my insane way, I am waiting to get that picture out before moving on. Ridiculous. Your photography is getting better and better. I am really liking the B&W. Go!

  2. Thanks! I am getting lots of practice! It has been really, really good for me to get out and talk to strangers. I am expanding my world one person at a time! I also don't want to lose momentum.