January 19, 2012

A Slice of City Life

I had to run some errands around town, so I set out towards Union Square and then Market Street with my camera. These are two vibrant areas and I hoped to capture a slice, here and there, of city life in San Francisco. Here are some images, while I made my way down Post Street.

The gritty part of Post Street

A woman walking from Post Street to Geary

A couple holds hands

A typical view on Post Street

Woman walking on Post Street

City Canyon on Post Street

A view of city life

Eventually I turned down Market Street, where it was busier than I had expected due to the holiday. The light was getting low in the sky.

Market Street

Man looking into the light

Jaywalker's shadow

Man with a briefcase

Shoppers on Market Street

Nearly empty Market Street

The sun was getting lower and it was quickly becoming cold and windy. My errands were only half successful. I guess I will have to try again another day.

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