December 08, 2011

The Light Shining Through the Tree

The light was shining through the tree and for no other purpose other than it was wondrous, I captured an image to share with you.

I ask myself, what is my purpose?
Think, think, think, think. 
THINK! What is my ... ? What was I thinking about?
Go do something to be productive.
I am productive, I am busy, now I am adding value to this world.
What was it I asked myself?

It has been this way for a long time. I kept doing what I thought people were feeding me as the "right thing". From small things like writing an email to big things like choosing a career, I have existed mostly in a state of fog. It is easier to do what you are "told" then to face yourself and ask the hard questions.

I have no job, no kids, no long to-do list to sabotage my time. I have set my life up now so that I have no more excuses to not ask myself the question... "what is my purpose?" On a large scale, the answer remains, "I don't know."  What I do know is that purpose can come in small ways and small steps. I need space and time to make mistakes, conduct trials and errors and maybe breakthroughs. In a small way, my purpose is to share these things, to stumble upon them, carry them home and show them to you.

Along the trail lay the leaf, waiting to be appreciated for the artistic talent nature has with frost.


  1. wow!!! I love this!!!! a brilliant idea and beautifully (purposefully!!!) done!!!
    the images are on a par with the idea!!

  2. I love that last photo with the road and the tree. Would look cool in B&W maybe.

  3. Thanks! I thought about black and white on the last photo too but I seemed to go back to color...

  4. hi, found this stalking your flickr. your questions sounds like the way someone does research. searching for answers is a gift in itself. love the pictures.